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Hydra's Chromata - Escape the Ordinary

The island of Hydra has a distinctive, rare and alluring beauty. The barren cliffs, the scenic harbor-front town which is the centre of the whole island, scarcely changed in years, completely free of motorized vehicles, rising amphitheatrically around the harbor, with picturesque cobblestone streets and alleys, terraced or steep steps and 18th century stone made manors, impressive for their magnificence and yet simplicity, will dazzle visitors with its inspiring pureness and cosmopolitan feel. The ambience of Hydra’s Chromata, seamlessly reflects the island’s elegance. Enjoy the warm welcome and the discrete facilities that the apartments of Hydra’s Chromata have to offer.

Chromata [pl for colour] means the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light - Oxford Dictionary. On the cosmopolitan and easily accessible island of Hydra, Hydra’s Chromata nestled in a quite neighborhood in the heart of Hydra town, with practically no steps, benefits from a prime location, close to the life the harbor of Hydra has to offer, yet far enough to remain peaceful, is the ideal island property for luxurious, relaxed and comfortable holidays all year round.

View Our Elegant Hydra Accommodation

Standard Double with balcony

About 25 square meters
1 Bedroom - up to 2 Guests

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Superior Luxury Home

About 85 square meters
1 Bedroom - up to 3 Guests

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Senior Luxury Home

About 120 square meters
2 Bedrooms - up to 5 Guests

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Grand Executive Home

About 80 square meters
1 Bedroom - up to 3 Guests

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